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The Richest Man In Babylon ( Hindi) PDF Free Download: You are going to download the richest man in Babylon Hindi PDF or Babylon ka Sabse Amir Aadmi in Hindi pdf free download. This is one of the best motivational books for poor people who want to become financial freedom in life.

The Richest Man In Babylon ( Hindi) PDF Free Download

Book Name The Richest Man In Babylon
Language Hindi
Category Hindi Motivational Book
Format PDF
Size 11.5MB

Summary of the Book: The Richest Man In Babylon:

The book Richest Man In Babylon was written by George S. Clason. The book is full of advice on financial knowledge and wealth. If you want to get financial prosperity in life, then you must read this book.


Arkad is the main character in this book. The king of Babylon tasked him to distribute the teachings of wealth to all. Arkad advised that everyone remembers seven formulas.



1. Increase the thickness of your slick purse :


According to Arkad, if you put at least 10 coins in a purse each time, you should only spend 9 coins from it. This means, that if your monthly income is merely Rs 10,000, you will spend no more than Rs 9,000 every month. You must save aside one-tenth of your profits.



2. Keep costs under control :


It is very easy to overspend; no matter how much money you earn, you can spend it all at once. So, before you go out and spend, think about what you need and what your pastime or indulgence is. So spend to fulfill your necessities and never spend more than 9/10 of your income on luxury.


3. Continue to raise funds :


Invest your money well so that more money comes out of it and more money comes out of the extra money you acquire, increasing the total value of your assets.


4. Keep your money safe :


Never lose your principal money by making a poor investment selection or hoping to make a quick profit. Get investment advice from individuals who have done it before, learn what you need to know, and keep your money safe.


5. Profitable Investment :


Arkad’s advice in this circumstance was to “buy your own property.” Because you would have to pay a piece of your salary every month if you live in a leased house, it is critical to build your own home, even if it costs a lot of money upfront.


6. Ensure a substantial return in the future :


Try to build an income that you will need in the future from a young age so that you can take care of yourself and your family in old age.


7. Increase your earning potential: 


The quantity of money you earn must rise over time, thus you must improve your education, skills, and knowledge so that your earnings rise in parallel with your abilities.

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