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Mutual Fund Hindi Book PDF Free Download: Dear Readers, Thank you all for visiting our website. In today’s post,  I am going to share a great book for investing in mutual funds. A PDF version of the book is provided here. You can download it anytime you want and read it anywhere.


Mutual Fund Hindi Book PDF Free Download

Book Name Mutual Fund
Author Mahesh Bhatt
Book Language Hindi
Book Category Share Market
Book Format PDF
Book Size 4.3MB
Book Source

Mutual Fund Hindi Book PDF: About Mutual Fund:


A mutual fund is a fund where many different investors have invested. The fund’s manager placed this money in a variety of financial products using his expertise in investment management. Mutual funds make a variety of investments, which affects their risk and return. When multiple investors put their money into one investment scheme, the fund is split into equal pieces, known as units or unit units. The primary benefit of a mutual fund is that a trader who lacks market expertise can leave it to his investing professionals. Experts determine when, where, and how to invest. Diverse investment strategies are used by mutual funds. The stock and bond markets are the most prominent. In addition, they also invest in gold or any other goods.


Mutual Fund Advantages & Disadvantages: 


1) Have the chance to invest in more businesses for less money

2) By fund manager, you mean a professional who handles your money and charges high fees for their services.

3) You won’t need to do anything after investing your money because mutual fund shares will continue to be bought and sold.

4) You may also SIP it so that a specific amount will be taken from your account and you will continue to invest in your mutual fund.

5) You can start investing in a mutual fund with as little as 500 rupees.


Disadvantages of Mutual Funds:


1) If you want to withdraw from a mutual fund, you have to sell the shares to your fund manager and pay the money whether it is profit or loss.

2) There is less interest than in the equity market.

3) For a good return, one has to invest for a long time.


Hope you have all the information about Mutual Funds now. We are not SEBI registered experts. This article is written for information only, and before investing your money anywhere, research with your own experience.


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