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MS Excel Formula Bengali PDF Free Download

MS Excel Formula Bengali PDF Free Download: Microsoft Excel is an accounting program used for maintenance. This program does not have a pair to do visual calculations on the computer. Because its graphical interface is simple, anyone can use this program. This is a spreadsheet adjective program developed by Microsoft Corporation. The word spread means to spread and the sheet means page. Using Microsoft Excel, various complex/simple mathematical and statistical can be done. So the word spreadsheet means spread page. Excel’s file is called a workbook. Each workbook is made up of several sheets. Each worksheet again has 256 columns and 65536 rows. Rows 1,2,3,4….. The names and columns A, B, C, AB, AC…… known by name. Each cell composed of columns and rows is called a cell.

MS Excel Formula Bengali PDF Free DownloadMS Excel Formula Bengali PDF Free Download[Quick Info]:

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