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Limitless Book PDF: How to Increase Your Brain Power?: Hey guys! In today’s post, we’ll share a book with you that will inspire you and help you think more clearly. Jim Kwik’s book Limitless teaches readers how to sharpen their minds, pick up knowledge quickly, and live limitless


Limitless Book PDF Free Download

Book Name Limitless
Author Jim Kwik
Language English
Format PDF
Size 11.5MB

What can we learn from the book: Limitless :


In this book, the author offers a Limitless Model, which comprises of three items, to expand the brain’s potential.

Mindset, Motivation, and Methods.


Your mindset has a significant impact on your life since everyone views the world from his or her own perspective and evaluates others in light of that perspective. Just as having a good attitude makes it easier to succeed, having a bad attitude makes it harder for your mind to grow.

Believing that you can improve yourself is the first step toward increasing your mental capacity.


Motivation is necessary to start a job and move it ahead as well as to have a clear understanding of your objective. Even if you start something, you probably won’t finish it because your interest in that task starts to wane after a while. Only then will you be inspired to achieve that.


Methods – All that is required to achieve success in any endeavour including Mindset and Motivation (in this case, increasing brain capacity) are Methods. To properly accomplish a work, a precise and systematic approach is necessary; else, success would remain elusive.


When mindset and motivation combine, you get driven for a task, but you cannot do it without the appropriate strategy.


When motivation and method align, you begin to work, but it is impossible to advance that task without the appropriate positive outlook.

You may decide what you want to achieve when the attitude and strategy are coupled, but you still need the motivation to carry it out.


In other words, these three are crucial, and one can only be genuinely limitless when they all come together as a mix of limitless inspiration, mentality, and approach.


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