10 Life Lessons from The Book ”The Richest Man Babylon”.

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10 Life Lessons from The Book ”The Richest Man Babylon”:

10 Life Lessons from The Book ''The Richest Man Babylon''.

#1. Start Paying Yourself First:

You must save away at least 10% of your salary in order to pay yourself first. The essence of this book can be summed up in this assertion. You must set aside this money even if you are in debt or trying to pay it off. Depending on your purchasing patterns, this exercise could be challenging at first.

Your money, surprisingly, isn’t really your money because you spend it right away on things like rent, food, or things you don’t even need. If you start stashing 10% away, you won’t notice any difference in your life and you’ll ultimately learn to live with it.

If you don’t preserve your earnings, you can’t amass riches. The distinction between the wealthy and the poor is that the former are aware of and adhere to this guideline, while the latter are not. That is the most crucial foundational piece to begin creating money. No matter how little money you make, the amount you set aside should never be less than a tenth of your total income. You may keep as much of it as you can.

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